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Salam and hi all

It's been a week after the release of third AMV. We're very happy to get every positive respond from the people who watch the AMV in Youtube. So we better go into the next thing.
For the next few week i and Furies will repair this blog. We will add some new content add fixing some other like the translation or maybe paragraft or yeah anything that the content of this blog we will fix it.
And Fidia will create the new costume for the fourth AMV - Kaulah Kamuku.  I will make something new in next AMV, not only Nagham the character in the video but four character at once. More detail will be given soon.
In other side i writing the filmscript of the fifth episode of Legendary Hero, and we will start the recording this october with brand new microphone, so the sound quality will better that ever.
Also i try to work in Amia and hope the episode 4 will release before 2016. In episode 4 will be examine about the seven stars, and more or LOT of new character will be appear in this episode. Yeah, trying something new.

Yaps, maybe that's all for now
see you next time
Bye and Salam!

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