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Assalamualaikum and hi all

This post is continuation from the past post, I will tell you more detail about Boboiboy parody that already WIP since last week.
Boboiboy is a Malaysian animated movie released match 2016. A direct continuation of its TV Series Boboiboy that run from 2011 and just ended June 2016. It's become so fenomenal in Malaysia even in my country Indonesia.

I take last scene on the movie when he use hepta split (kuasa 7) to defeat Borara after he attempt to run away and make giant black hole.

Boboiboy is a 11 years old boy who have a power watch that allow him to control element. Currently he able to control 7 element, Thunderstorm, Cyclone, EarthQuick, Blaze, Ice, Thorn, Solar. 

7 Element

In this parody I potrayed boboiboy with brown color, following his casual jacket. Then for his elemental form I use elemental color such red for fire, grey for wind, but dark red for Thunderstorm because following Boboiboy thunderstorm.
Boboiboy always have a new feature when have a new elemental mode. Here some of it that will appear in the parody




I'm not drawing all weapon of Boboiboy such Fire Chackram and Thunderstorm Spear because I only make thing that appear in final scene on the movie. And all above is weapon that make appearance in the movie.

Then here some screenshot.

That's Borara attempt to attack adudu and friends. I change papazola with random girl, well this is fan animation afterall...

 Kuasa 7 (Hepta Split) after Boboiboy power came out.

Tembakan Solar (Solar Beam) this one just finished today, really chalanging. I think this is the hardest part in the parody I work on.

This suppose to be completed in one week, but due to my collage entry test next week I will postponed it for one week.

That's all for now
Bye and Wassalamualaikum.

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