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Salam and hi all

For the past 2 weeks i push the progress of our third AMV, Aku Memilih Setia. With all homework i must done too so it can't go faster but well... now it will be completed.
AMV - Aku Memilih Setia is the first single of Fatin Shidqia (Nagham's Voice) after she win the X-Factor 2 years ago. In Fact this song have been started 2 years ago, just after AMV - Diamond has been release. But because we focusing the work of our main project Legendary Hero so AMS must be pended until now.

Yeah now... It will release Thursday, 24 September. Hope you will like it.
And not only that. I've create several drawing too, first is Bhiel Ziez the Aura Controller.

He is one of the Five Knights, capable to create 15 Meter of Light Aura in form of Knight. The Side and Angel version of him not yet created, i only continue coloring him when i was bored animating AMV.
Then i create 2 more version of Difender

The left one is Difender of Lightning Tower in Cross Kingdom, The middle one is Difender of Wind Tower in Nusantara Kingdom, The right one is Difender of Light Tower in Arabian Kingdom.
Want to know the map of the kingdom (Legendary Hero's World Map)? Here i give you one
The 8 Kingdom who have control in the world! Click Here for more info about the kingdoms
Not only that, i made too the weapon of my character Elang Abetjikan
 The weapon is called Godam Hammer. This weapon is one set with his Diamond that can control 8 element of Dragon Soul. Yeah but not as strong as Nashrul's Blue Mand Diamond.
And another weapon is for Facis Warrior
When spear meet staff this will happened, oh this one is Ice Element.
Well that's all for now, i will give you more news as fast as possible.
Remember, 24 September AMV will release!
Bye and Salam!

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