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Salam and hi all!
Right now we still continue our progress in Legendary Hero, and for now let's meet the twin Desert Blader of Nezasar! Hanane Mabrouk and Malik Mabrouk!
Double Wind Trouble!
They're Junior of Fidia and Saif in Nezasar. They're able to cast Desert Blader Facis such Wind Step and Cross Slash! Malik is skillful using his dual knife and expert in One on One battle but lack of stealth and plan, but as long as his mission complete he think it is okay.
Unlike his reckless brother, Hanane is more clam. Hanane is master of plan and tactician, she also provide to use stealth art when complete his mission rather than blatant attack. But beside to all their differences, they are complementary. So, when they do missions together then it would be more efficient than alone.
I will tell more detail about current progress in next entry
so that's all for now
bye and salam!

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