Amia Special : Three

Watch Elsa, Moana, and Rapunzel alltogether in this stickman animation parody!

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Night before Idd

Salam and hi all
first of all i want to say Happy idd Fitri for all muslim in the world then i want to give you some news about what i am doing right now.
Right now i working in several part of the episode, it took over 3 hours to do just 3 second animation!

Rina cast a fire Facis to... emmm secreet XD
i don't know how, maybe i don't have a mood right now to animationg T_T, but i will continue animating, so the episode will come as fast as possible.
I also have complete the controversion between Nashrul and Syafiq in hospital, why in hospital? because Nashrul is fainted after his battle in first episode, what are they talking about? WATCH ON THE EPISODE SOOON!

Okay that's all for now, enjoy your day and stay tuned for the next update ;)
Bye and Salam!

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Amia episode 3 release

Salam and hi all
Very long time not giving news, well because i don't have any news to share with all of you. But today, well emmm... not today actually, this news supposed to be shared 2 days ago, but my lazynes make late to write it hehe...
Okay what i want to tell you is about the continuation of Amia series. Yeah the second episode has released about 3 month ago, then today the story is continue. Elang who has tell Rafi about his past then dedice to join ISAC, the community of indonesia fighter that being help a tournament named ISGT. In the first stage he meet Sky who became his opponent, the battle is started! Who is gonna win the battle?

Go here to watch the progress of the battle!

Ok enough for now, but stay tuned for the next news about other our two project, AMV : Aku Memilih Setia and LH : The Last Rage Eps 3!
Bye and Salam!

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Amia release and AMV development!

Salam and hi all!!
Sorry for one month not give you a news, last month i have big business in real world but in mei i start make animation again.
First of all AMIA eps 2 is release! Yep after work and work the episode finally release, it will tell you all about RHG and Elang's reason joining RHG. And this month i will make Elang's first battle, just wait ok!
go to and watch the movie!
Then AMV in development! Right now i make the background, the place setting is in Paris!!! Yeah i will work as best as i can, and i hope i have time to work it.
And the last Legendary Hero : The Last Rage is started record voice actor DavinZee lead the team to do it.
Maybe that's all for now
bye and salam!

Monday, 31 March 2014

Amia and lot more

Salam and hi All!!!!
long time not give you news...
but i have something for you all.
First of all Amia eps 2 is on the progress, it will take some other week to finished.. so please be patient ok.
In this episode you will learn more about Elang past and his reason for joining Rock Hard Gladiator, and Elang will meet another Gladiator from his homeland Indonesia in an community called ISAC ( Indonesia Satria Comunity). And lot of interest thing for you!
Legendary Hero 
Okok.. maybe some of you waiting the next episode aaand for myself i can't wait the third episode will be release because in the third episode i will make the movie more long, how long? I've plan to make it 20 minute (OMG.!!!!!!!) Maybe it will hard but i will do as best as possible.
Current Episode name is "The Grown Hatred", will tell you the continue of Fidia's battle with Ghoul and the Black Robe Man who must be responsible with this event. And Elang with Saif reveal the reason behind the purple light in the desert and Saif went to help Fidia. And in other place mysterious girl went out from her home and bring Lighting the Nasrul's Dragon with her. In the Same time Nashrul with Syafiq talking about the impending dangers in this world. 
Everything will be awesome to see!!!
Website Update!!!!
 Like you see right now, our website have its own background (yaaayy!!!). i trying look the script and search where i can place the background.. Took so much time to do it but the result is very pleasure. And from now on we will update the background with the current event@

See you later
Bye and Salam!

Monday, 3 March 2014

The Busy Month!

Salam and hi all!
i am very busy last month with my real life activity but i am not forget with our project.
Last month i try to work into all project at once, maybe it is hard but not imposible and the result is very satisfy (for me hehe :D). Start from legendary hero, i try some training on animation then i meet DavinZee, he said to me to made the storyboard for The Last Rage. Ok i stop my training and start writing in storyboard. After it is finished, i give it to DavinZee for he examined the story. When DavinZee look my Story planning of Last Rage i try to make my Char (yaaaay) and look very awesome !
Elang Revealed !
In other side not only the hero who know the power of the purple diamond. The townspeople look it with their own eye. The mighty power of Black Dragon. With info from them, the heroes can know the recent location of the diamond. So don't missunderstanding the townspeople
They were knowing too
The eps 3 will be created as fast as possible, so i don't know when this episode will be done. But we try our best to made this episode fast came out.

AMV - Aku Memillih Setia

From AMV, Fidia just have free time from her exam so she just started her work on the character. But, i am not stay and wait. I was done some parts of the video, hopefully this can be launch around April of Maret if possible.

AMIA - Episode 2
This movie's episode is my priority right now, because it is not use lot of time to made. After this episode done i will go back to Legendary Hero again. Hopefully this episode will great!
This all i have for now, i will give you new news as fast as possible.
See ya
bye and salam!

Friday, 7 February 2014

Incredible Week!!

TSalam and Hi All

Today is 2 weeks after the eps 2 is release, so when is the eps 3 will out? Calm doooown... we have a lot of plans in our head. Every staff in last 2 week have their works. I have animation training and i make a Amia's short animation. Fidia make the new costum for nagham and make new char for the Last Rage. Mythic have problem with his computer, so he can't do anything for now ( Hope his computer will be healty again ). And Night start her own training to be animator! Hope she will be great animator!
Amia Short Anims
In the last 2 weeks i made a short Amia's Episode, need lot of time to make it because lazy come and come to me so i need to fight it. Here
This short episode will tell you about his journey to become member of FalconHead, will Elang accepted to be Falconhead's member?
To Eps 3
The episode three will be very insterting, with more character, more action, and more story. You will know who is behind the infected ghoul, and you will meet many heroes from all over the world of Legendary Hero!
The AMV is start again, Fidia will make Nagham new costum, this will need time because Legendary Hero episode 3 is our priorty but AMV will still be controled, so don't worry this new AMV will be incredible and awesome. Wait it Okay!
This week very incredible!!!
Bye and Salam!

Monday, 27 January 2014

The Release!!!

Salam and hi guys!!
after work and work and fight with many problem finally the movie is release!!
but first i want to say sorry to all fans because the long delay from first deadline

Go to and see the action of Fidia fight the power of black dragon!
See you next time!
bye and salam!

Saturday, 18 January 2014

To the Release!

Salam and Hi all
This is the great news for all!!
But first of all i want to say sorry because not give you a news and for this late release.
The current episode will be publish in a few days, i trying to make epic opening and ending fo the movie, hope you will like it :D

Episode 2 : The Desert Girl!
bye and salam!