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Salam and hi all

Here it is, the long-progress animation music video has been done!
Right now the music is Aku Memilih Setia, the first single of Fatin Shidqia Lubis after she win the X-Factor Indoneisa in 2013.
The video seperate into 19 file Fla. It make me easier to edit the file, and took 5 hours to convert all of 19 file into video file -_-. But afterall the AMV is done!
here a little 24 hours flash back when i finishing the video
23 September
10.00 - Start converting SWF to Video using Swivel
15.00 - Converting done, installing Adobe Premier CS 6
15.30 - Start using adobe premier CS6 to compile the separate Video
21.30 - Video compiled, make a lyric in the video both in Indonesia and English
23.30 - Lyric done, export the premier file into video file
24 September
00.05 - Finishing the video. Checking, Final Editing, Enjoying the video
00.25 - Upload into youtube (Just Upload), plus sleep when i waiting
02.00 - Wake up and the upload is done. Make some description in the video.
02.25 - Sleep again, turn of the computer
04.00 - Wake up again
04.30 - Pray Shubuh
04.45 - Sleep Again
05.30 - Wake up and clean the water barrel from moss
07.00 - Cleaning done, take a bath
07.30 - Breakfast
08.00 - Publish the Video!
Yeah the video now is published! and you can watch it here

Thanks for Fidia for her beautifull dress, and Furies for additional help, and all people who support me when i make this video
And now, we have out Fanspage in Facebook
i need you to like it! yeah like it.
okay it think that's all for today, thanks for all your support
enjoy the video

Bye and Salam!

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