Amia Special : Three

Is an animation that is made to follow the competition held by Stickpage entitled "Three" which themed "Old and New". Combines 3 Disney Princess movies, Tangled in 2011, Frozen in 2013, and the newest Moana in 2016 as well as some elements of StickPage's RHG system and AMIA animated series. Upon completion in December 2016, Three can not be released by Stickpage because of the Copyright issue, so I delayed the "Three" release and used that time to fill the dialogue in the animation with voice over until July 1, 2017 The animation was released under the title AMIA Special: Three.
A group of mysterious people have an agenda and for that they steal various artifacts and some special people. The Ice Queen Elsa, the Princess of Rapunzel, and the Way finder Moana were kidnapped by one of the members of the mysterious group and the three of them had to work together to escape from the Kidnappers.

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