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Salam and hi!

First of all i wanna say sorry because not write anything last month. But i have done something last month, and now i will share it to you.
Like i say after the release of AMV - Aku Memilih Setia, i and Furies will update some of this blog's content And in one month Furies try to translate (Yeah, translate from Indonesia to English.) every single page in this blog, also some NEW page have been release.
Now, you can read the description of Legendary Hero's Character, also you can select the last rage episode from Movie Page (Legendary Hero -> Movie). Even AMV have new song page selection for you!
There still other NEW content in this web. Try to surf this blog and find some new content. I will still try to update more and more content in this blog. Hope i will able to do it!
And for this month i don't know i can make some new animation or not, but i have a plan to make the fourth episode of AMIA (The Meeting!). If not, i will just make some new art to Legendary Hero and AMIA and (Maybe) AMV..

That's all for now, hope you like these new content.
Bye and Salam!

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