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Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Another story show down

Salam and hi all ^_^
Sorry for all my false, the movie release will pending for a days, but i have another idea. Here it is, the side story of Legendary Hero

This story will tell you the elang's pass. The event before the black dragon incident. When he still 17 years old, his homeland attacked by unknown force. His parent died because that attack, the only remained family he has is his twin sister.
Later, after he arrive in the east of Fluid nation he go outside the city and get relax after the journey. Suddenly the black robe man appear behind him and chalange Elang into a duel with other Seven Starts (the force who attack elang homeland) and left elang with a "gift", other word zombie force. Then Elang prepare his dual blade ( Dsoul Heart ) and battle the zombie force.
goto to watch the movie.

And Legendary Hero ?
I just start my work on the third scene, hope this will done very fast. this is some preview.

The desert with palm tree.... This isn't done yet (you must know that). And i will finsih the ghoul later this night. So maybe Legendary Hero's release will be pending until early january, sorry all.

Bye  and Salam!

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Tons of Work X_X

Salam and hi all
Sorry for long time not give you news, i had a long exam, 27 lesson and 10 days. Huh very tired, but i still give my time to work for this episode and this some update i have for you all ^_^

In The Desert
Fidia start her journey trough the desert in Arabia Kingdom. Her goal is find the power fragment to reverange her defeat from Saif, her rival. Meanwhile Fidia go to the deser, Rina and Rani arrive to Nurrahma village, when Rina trying searching information about their brother Rani went into the inn and meet Hanane then they chat and talking about something. After knowing Fidia is lost Rani and Hanane leave from the Inn for finding Fidia.
 We will try to finish the movie before 2014, hope this will happen ^^.

The Ghoul

The ghoul is next creature who infected by black dragon power, how strong is the ghoul be? Before that thanks and welcome to Night Angel for making the ghoul and join into Diclim, soon she will take more parts in the team.

Behind The Power

In Legendary Hero world all power is made by diamond or something seems to it. Lots of diamonds that exists on earth, but there are 5 strogest diamond. The Red Diamond, Blue Diamond, Grey Diamond, Yellow Diamond, and White Diamond. The people call the diamond with "Mand".
2 of 5 Mand is discovered by dragonlord and griffinlord that make them have legendary power. And with their beast, their power will unpredictable.

Show Plan

We don't forget our other project too, AMV will have new video. Nagham will show again in early 2014, she will sing her own single, Aku Memilih Setia! This video will different with the past video,
What could happen?
That's all for now
Bye and Salam All!