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Salam and hi

Actually i am very lazy to came our meeting and started to writing ,because there are some list that i must do(playing Assasin's 4 Black Flag or reading Bisnis Sosial by Muhammad Yunus). Because this is our leader's direct order, ok i will take a part in this first meeting ever -_-.

Let's to the point

there are few ideas from our meeting:
1. DiCLiM's continuation
        Elang: Di= Dreaming
        Bismar(The new guy) D=Demi
                                            I= Impian
2. Elang tell us the focus of DiCLiM
         Legendary Hero(3rd era)
         AMV(Animation Music Video)
         AMIA(Side story of Legendary Hero)
         Veteran(1st era)
         TWBS(Twin Brother's Spirit)

And Elang Still working on one of our project(AMV),let's us pray for his healthy

bye and salam

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