Amia Eps 4 : Condition

The Elders is gathered in The Rock Tower. Something is happening!

Boboiboy Stickman Parody

Watch Boboiboy use kuasa 7 againt Borara as a final blow in stickman form!

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

November to Remember

Assalamualaikum and hi all

I have been too busy with "Three" animatation adaptation and also my life as collage student, it's not easy to find spot for animate while doing my homework, so yeah i'm tired but it's fun!

Main Logo
"Three" is going well a little well or yeah.... so much thing to do in the animation since i try to make the content as original as possible but after all there still some asset i took from my other animation. I also ask my friend to make an art for three, featuring the main character Elsa, Rapunzel, and Moana.

As you can see the art became theme for the website because this animation will be very long, more than 10 minutes. But for lots of reason the final version will have some different from my first plan and the main reason is the duedate is 18 December and it is less than 2 weeks. I will do my best to complete it and still in the best shape XD.

Many of the animation part is convesation between the character but there will be some point where the princesses will fight with the enemy, but there will no one died in the animation because i want to keep the image of princess who nice and never do violent to everyone.
Last November becoming my busiest month and it's still going until the animation finished and for now it's still just reach about 60%? Idk that's a rough count but i hope everything will be fast and my collage still doing well..
After "three" is done perhaps i can do some animation for Legendary Hero...

And for the last, our Youtube continue to grown and now reach 400 Subscriber, yeeey!

That's all for now, i will give you the recent news as fast as possible

Bye and Wassalamualaikum!

Sunday, 30 October 2016

Oktober Progress

Assalamualaikum & hi all

Okay, it's been a month without any progress. So here it is a one month thing that happened during this month.

I start with a statement. There is a good news and a bad news. The good news is that i joined a competition from Stickpage to make an animation about something "old and new", and the bad news because i joined the competition so AMIA eps 5 will be delayed (again) ._.  . I know this make me kind of labile person and that's my condition right now (sorry), because i saw some kind of opportunity in this competition to improve my animation skill in many way. Also if i see my scheadule, the competition will be held 'till december 24th. So there will be about a week before 2017, and i think i will be able to make a teaser for Legendary hero since many of asset is completed (for teaser scene).
Now about what i've done this month.

I started join the competition about 4 days after it's opened and what i imagined is an adaptation of movie pre-2016 and not released yet in 2016, because the theme is something related with"Old and New" and a connection between something "old" and "new" is variety and for me is like i wrote above, but i also asked it in the forum and the moderator accept my idea and then i started to make it.

I have an idea to adapt 3 movie from Disney, that is Tangled, Frozen, and Moana.

My decision to chose these movie is because i like when there is a female protagonist who have a special power just like these 3 character and i fell in love with Rapunzel from Tangled, Moana in her movie "Moana", and especially Elsa the Snow Queen from Frozen who everybody love her song "let it go".

The title for movie adaptation is "Three", it is simply a word i have in my mind with adapting 3 movie into a one animation.
The animation is about 3 princesses who kidnap by the Seven Stars (Villain of AMIA Series) for unknown reason and these princesess not giveup with this condition and they're trying to escape from the kidnaper with their ability.

There will be many supportive character in this animation, like all Stars who attend a meeting above and also some supportive character who appear as main character in original movie. Also many thing from original movie will featured too, like the place, the scene, or setting such kingdom crest and galleon to make an atmosphere like watching the original movie.

Some places will appear in the animation
I also have an idea to use some Original Soundtrack too for several scene that have a similarity with the original movie. I will try to make the adaptation as accurate as possible with the original movie.
I really wanted to start animate this adaptation. I really stuck with making art for this -.-.
Perhaps this is the most ambitious animation i ever done since there sooo many art i created FOR this animation but also i hope it will be a help for other project i made.

Also thank you for 300+ Subs, that mean so much for me ^^
Yey 300 Subs!
That's all for now, i really hope you will be enjoyed this adaptation when it released (and also win the competition).

Bye and Wassalamualaikum!

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Legendary Hero The Last Rage Eps 3 Re-Release

Assalamualaikum and hi all

Here it is the next episode of Legendary Hero.
Enjoy the continuation of Fidia's battle with the awaken ghoul and his minion! Can she win fighting these ghouls or this battle will be her last battle? Can someone come and help Fidia in time? Find the answer in Episode 3 : Growing in the heart

Eps 3 : Growing in the heart
Like i said before there is no change between video in youtube and newgrounds because the original video made by many parts and i need open every single one of the parts and edit it, if that so then it will need month of work without stop andi think it not worth since i'm a collage student right now and i have responsibility to do. So just enjoy it :)

Eps 4 & 5 WILL only able to out after 2016. I'll do my best to complete it in 2017, and also maybe i will make a short teaser if only i have time.

That's all for now

Bye and Wassalamualaikum

Friday, 23 September 2016

Last Rage Eps 2 Re-Release!

Assalamualaikum and hi all

Like i said before, Legendary Hero The Last Rage will be released on youtube and here it is.
Eps 2 : The Desert Girl!
Now we are going into the desert. Follow the story of woman Desert Blader in searching for something to retake her honor. Will she reclaim her honor? What thing she need to retake it? Will the vastness of desert made Arabian Kingdom a safe place to live?
Enjoy the first part of Desert Girl story act in the middle east on a vast desert!

Eps 3 will released in next few days, won't take 1 week. Promise!

That's all for now.
Bye and Wassalamualaikum!

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Still Continue

Assalamualaikum and hi all

First of all i really thanks for you to make this achivement.
Our official youtube channel has arleady 100 subscriber!
For a really small and not serious team like us it's really matter especially for me as a leader also Boboiboy Parody now has more than 55k view and continue to growing, this thing is beyond my expetation and i'm sooooo grateful. I hope Diclim will be able to grow and grow for a longg time ^^

The next thing is the youtube version for Legendary Hero eps 2 and 3 will be soon uploaded. Right now i'm editing the video parts and adding subtitle too (i delete all subtitle from SWF version).
Eps 2 Progress!!!
Due to my business with collage so it will be probably done in next year week, best result in sunday (weekend yeeey!) if i can manage my time well, then eps 3 will be uploaded few days after it. So this will be your time to understand more about Legendary Hero, hope you will like it.

Oh and another great news is i've planned to do some sort of teaser for upcoming eps 4 & 5. It will be nice, really. (I hope so ._.)

That's all for now, more news about AMIA and AMV will coming soon.
Bye and Wassalamualaikum!