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Boboiboy Stickman Parody

Watch Boboiboy use kuasa 7 againt Borara as a final blow in stickman form!

Saturday, 27 August 2016


Assalamualaikum and hi all!

Today i want to say a big thank you for all of you. Boboiboy Kuasa 7 Stickman Parody had watched over 4000 times in a week, this was a big achivement for me and Diclim Entertaiment itself ( still not a real entertaiment yet ). And also we receive about 15 subscriber a week after boboiboy parody released (Getting subscriber is pretty hard since i'm not do much interaction with the other).

Thank you!
This also affect people to know our other video such AMIA and AMV and especially Legendary Hero. I really wanted to upload the episode 2 and episode 3 but there is a lot problem to export episode 2 into video from SWF, the only way is to export the movie in separate SWF file with fixed Vcam and also 16:9 ratio to make the film look better but unfortunetly the 16:9 ratio won't not applicable since episode 3 is created from lot of separated file and it will took TONS of time to just make it into 16:9 ratio so it will just in 4x3 ratio (Sorry).

Little Update

For the next thing is Legendary Hero, since the voice acting is not completed i can't do the animation freely, so Legendary Hero is still post poned and for the worst until 2017 but maybe i can make some teaser for episode 4 and 5 in this year, i will try my best. Then for AMV will still on scheadule but maybe i can't focus into the animation in my current situation as collage student, i really want to complete it at least before end of 2016 and if that happened it means that AMV #4 will be postponed too. Hopefully i can make it faster, i will try my best (Like i always said).

The last thing is behind "i will try my best", i'm a single animator for all of my or our 3 project or more precisely for most part i do all alone. All people that written in Staff section is help me in their part time, and yes they lighten my job but i still need second animator who also have same style with me so all the progress will going faster and even more fun. But like i always said, i will do my best.

That's all for now
bye and Wassalamualaikum

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Boboiboy Parody Release!

Assalamualaikum and hi all!

After a long delay and work, Boboiboy parody finally released!
Enjoy 1 minute action packed stickman, featuring Boboiboy when he release his ultimate power Hepta Split and give a final blow to Borara
Boboiboy The Stickman!
Click here to watch

One week became one month?
This is one big question in my mind. At first i try to make this within 1 week, but unfortunetly i start making the animation when close with Collage entry exam. So i need to make the exam as number one priority at that time. One week passed and the exam is done, then i still can't patient if i'm not accepted yet in university, and alhamdulillah i'am accepted at Telkom University. But this is just another thing. a less than week after i accepted my university give me a trial for 3 days, so i must focus on then then after that i finally have free time and started to animate again until today the animation finally completed!
So enjoy my one minute full of effort and patient, i hope i can make more in the future.

Also Fidia is still recording her part, and i will do my best for episode 5 of Amia.

That's enough for now.
See you later
Bye and Wassalamualaikum

Friday, 5 August 2016

Everything is going well

Assalamualaikum and hi all

It's been three weeks since my last update and i'm so sorry for that, actually since a week ago i want to write this post but somehow my fingers don't want to it (<- Reason).

So everything is going in a good way, Fidia is completing the AMV costume consept also she starting to recording her part for episode 4 & 5 of Legendaty Hero (Hopefully, she's a really busy girl), and i accepted in Telkom University in Bandung, even yeah boboiboy parody is postponed for 3 weeks, but i when i type this post i'm still continue animating on it, give me a few more day and will do my best to complete it and then we continue with AMIA eps 5 yeah!

Aquana Knight, creator of Marana (Elang's opponent) will animate a different version of Elang vs Marana. Will getting more news soon enough.

okay that's enough for now
see you later
bye and wassalamualaikum!

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Boboiboy Parody First Progress

Assalamualaikum and hi all

This post is continuation from the past post, I will tell you more detail about Boboiboy parody that already WIP since last week.
Boboiboy is a Malaysian animated movie released match 2016. A direct continuation of its TV Series Boboiboy that run from 2011 and just ended June 2016. It's become so fenomenal in Malaysia even in my country Indonesia.

I take last scene on the movie when he use hepta split (kuasa 7) to defeat Borara after he attempt to run away and make giant black hole.

Boboiboy is a 11 years old boy who have a power watch that allow him to control element. Currently he able to control 7 element, Thunderstorm, Cyclone, EarthQuick, Blaze, Ice, Thorn, Solar. 

7 Element

In this parody I potrayed boboiboy with brown color, following his casual jacket. Then for his elemental form I use elemental color such red for fire, grey for wind, but dark red for Thunderstorm because following Boboiboy thunderstorm.
Boboiboy always have a new feature when have a new elemental mode. Here some of it that will appear in the parody




I'm not drawing all weapon of Boboiboy such Fire Chackram and Thunderstorm Spear because I only make thing that appear in final scene on the movie. And all above is weapon that make appearance in the movie.

Then here some screenshot.

That's Borara attempt to attack adudu and friends. I change papazola with random girl, well this is fan animation afterall...

 Kuasa 7 (Hepta Split) after Boboiboy power came out.

Tembakan Solar (Solar Beam) this one just finished today, really chalanging. I think this is the hardest part in the parody I work on.

This suppose to be completed in one week, but due to my collage entry test next week I will postponed it for one week.

That's all for now
Bye and Wassalamualaikum.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Eid Mubarrak


Happy Eid Mubarrak 1437 H to all muslim all over the world. After 30 days we fasting in Ramadhan hope we will become a better man in the future and also hope we can meet Ramadhan next year.

Eid al Fitri ^^
In ramadhan so much good thing happened, i'm so happy and lucky being able to feel ramadhan this year. Many good thing also mean many progress is done. Fidia complete drawing character for the next AMV which maybe will completed at the end of 2016 or first quarter of 2017.
For Legendary Hero, i've ask Fidia to do her part of recording, since our team is from many countries and many places so it big project that involved many people like Legendary Hero will took more time than AMV and AMIA.
Amia itself will have its 5th episode in near future, maybe couple of month? IDK. But for now i'm working on side project, it is a parody of Boboiboy The Movie Hepta Split. This will be used as my training for making better effect and movement, it won't take much time  ^.^ Also because my business of entering collage maybe AMIA eps 5 will have some disruption when being animated.

That's all for now, more info about parody animation will be coming soon.
Bye and Wassalamualaikum
Once again Eid Mubarrak!