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Salam and hi all

First of all sorry for not giving any news from last 3 weeks ago. Like i said in last post, i face an exam for 2 weeks, then i trying some 3d thing for a week and this is what i have.
A full 3d version of Nagham our AMV character. I only able to make her model without a rig, i try rig for 2 days but i got nothing work from it but after all that is very worth time i given for making this 3d.
If you one to use this model go to here and there will be a link to download her model.
And then Fidia now have her holiday, she and her family go to Tunisia and spend her holiday there. But, she will work in AMV #4th : Engkaulah kamuku costum. I will make something new in 4th AMV that intersting to be watched.
Also in last 3 days i spend my time to create last 5 clan for AMIA episode 4 : The Meeting. In episode 4 will be featuring so many RHG character and here some of them.
Dominators, Lead by Disc
Ministry, Lead by Magus the Necromancer
Wisps, Lead by Aether
PathFinder, Lead by Ajax & Oni
For Wisps, i miss one person from their clan and i will fix it tomorrow (Maybe).
So there only four but i said five, the last clan is Elang's Clan that lead by Hares the Fire Gladiator. FalconSword.
FalconSword, Lead by Hares
After the ten clan issue is done, now i will able to start animating on it. But.... for the next 1 week i will not animating for episode 4, because i want to train my animation first to make the future episode quality better than ever. But...(Again) maybe i will make a short animation that won't take too much time to animate it, sometime about let's go!
Also last week i've record the voice of the Twins Rina & Rani for episode 4, while episode 5 is still translated by Furies (Change job again). If the episode 5 is translated i will start record their voice too.
Okay, that's all for now. Sorry this is a long post, hehe...
See you
Bye and Salam!

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