Amia Special : Three

Watch Elsa, Moana, and Rapunzel alltogether in this stickman animation parody!

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

New Animation

Assalamualaikum and hi all!

First let me say happy Ramadhan for all muslim around the world, i know it's been 4 days passed since the Ramadhan is begin but today is still the first part of Ramadhan so it's okay :3.
Today i want to announce that i making a new animation with title "DragonNest : Ice Dragon Nest"' telling the story when DragonNest playeble character facing the dragon of mist land the ice dragon. I know AMV #4 not done yet even Legendary Hero eps 4 is still need a lot of progress ( But i'm targeting finish it before 2017 pass ), moreover "Three" is need to be delayed again.. i'm stuck with female voice actor. I will try to finish it this june on bad scenario, july.
The Character

This new animation also as my attemp to join the competition again and fix what failure in my past animation ( Three ). With shorter duration and more battle focused than conversation but still trying compose the good story inside it.

Goddess Althea
I also trying to use some new knowledge about drawing that i learn from collage (i'm student of Fine art) before i'm trying to apply it on Legendary Hero eps 4 and 5. This will be a usefull way to know my level today.

The Ice Dragon

Rawr ???
I hope skill that i get in this animation will be usefull in future project, oh and this will be completed in around 2 weeks! Deadline!!!!
Oh ya, i'm sorry no new animation this month...
That's all for now
Bye and Wassalamualaikum!

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Prepare your heart

Assalamualaikum and hi all!
Today the new monthly animation is released!
Click Here to watch

Actually this supposed to finished in April but due to collage task i can't animate it before last month past..
I hope this month will have its animation too.

For now prepare your heart, Ramandhan will come in less than a month

Bye and Wassalamualaikum