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Salam and hi all
Not to much progress happen this month, sorry...
This month i have so many task in school organization, because this month is the last month of my period. And also my last year in High School, sooo many "thing" to do so i can't concentration for animating. But, there still several thing that i and the other have done...
I start make mouth animation of Nagham and some kind of expression when singing too, also her angel apperance is being colored and ready for animated!
Now Nagham have better look from different angel, better than her two previous apperance in Diamond and Grenade song. I will try to do more in animation next month, so i can get this AMV done in fast time!
Furies also done editing the episode 4 filmscript and his cousin will translate it to english (he said she will done translate it early september), and then i will write the script of episode five too so we can record the dialouge of two episode both in short time (usually the recording is disturbed with undone script, "my bad"). And we will have a brand new microphone so the voice will not awfull like the previous episode had.
Mythic Skillz have done drawing all position of Bhielz character, and plus he draw weapon for him!
I love the consept very much :D
And then, Fidia have draw more thing for Legendary Hero also for the fourth AMV.
That's all for now, after the inauguration of the new period of my school organization i will have more time to spend in animating (hope so). But i can't promise too much, because like i said before this year is my last year in high school, it's mean so much thing i must prepare to go to collage such playing study, study, and study.(yeah study is important).
See you later
bye and salam!

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