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Salam and hi all

Not much i can give to you this month because last week i meet try out for national examination, then next week i will have some practical examination so yeah.... i'm so busy for now and next 2 month.

But, i still trying to make some progression between my business in last year school. Last week, i arleady finish recording one of Legendary Hero character, while the other will be recorded as soon as possible. Also i get a help from my teacher to translate the arabic dialouge, as soon as the dialouge translated it will be recorded.

For AMIA, the first minute of episode 4 is arleady animated. The episode 4 will have many dialouge but i will still put some battle animation and the closing for series will get some changes as it did on the opening. And hope this will be fast, because AMIA series will be my priorty to animate because stick-thing is easier for animating than full body (Legenday Hero).

Oh, the last is, AMV #3 Aku Memilih Setia is reuploaded in our new channel. Click here to watch it. The other animation that has been upload in Newgrounds or Hyunsdojo will also reuploaded in our new channel, but it will have some minor change so it will take sometime to do. Maybe, next time will be AMIA eps 2.

Okay, that's all for now.

Bye and salam!

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