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Salam and hi all!
Well... it's  been 2 month since last time i write here.
Yeah like i say before, i face a very loooong exam.  About a month i and my schoolmate must face 2 exam subject everyday and it's kind of.. frustasing. But everything is pass and now i have more time than before, not really free 'cause me myself will face exam for enter the university, i hope everything will going well.
Oh and about the project yeah i continue the progress. AMIA will have biggest priority right now, there will be 3 episode and the 4th episode is on the progress, i aim to finish to complete eps 4 at the end of mei then start make episode 5 at june. Before we continue see this.
Central City
I finish this central city yesterday but the tower and the wall itself arleady created 2 month ago, but lack of playing game inspiration make me can't continue it. After all it's finish hehe...

Maybe you asking how about legendary hero? Well.. to be honest legendary hero progress will be delayed for some time. There is so much to do for legendary hero even more than i thought before i start create eps 4. Animation, character concept, background, voice acting, and more thing to do. Also i want to have a proper tool to make animation, especially drawing tab. But, i still make a progress too, such recording voice acting and draw some asset, but this progress is little by little. But (again), everything will worth to be waited.

And the last is AMV. It is all up to Fidia to working on character concept, after the character concept done i'll be able to make some thing.

well, that's all for now
Bye and salam!

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