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Salam and hi all

In last 2 weeks i made a little progressive of AMIA and also with Legendary Hero things.
First of all the opening of AMIA have a minor change to make it more relevant with the main story, especially with the meeting of clans in Central Cosimir such the appearance of 10 clans leader and the elders, also adding 2 Elang's RHG opponent.
The Elders
A little question, who are the elders?
The elder are they who lead 5 region of Cosimir. North Cosimir, East Cosimir, West Cosimir, South Cosimir, and Central Cosimir.
They always trying to keep RHG World stable from outside enemy. Now, they will face a new great enemy! What will they do?

Second, still with AMIA. The episode one of the series have been uploaded in Youtube with all new 16:9 display ratio and AMIA new opening. Watch it here.
Oh and if you want only watch the opening then go here

The last thing is episode 4 will be separated into 3 episode because too many content i want to give in one episode. The first part will tell the meeting of elders who discuss about RHG condition with the this new threat, the second part will tell a prolouge before the meeting (When the RHG come together in central cosimir) and the fight between Elang and Marana while the meeting is held in the central cosimir, and the last part will tell about the meeting itself.

So that's all for now. For next few month there will have no many progress because my last year exam will be started (hope i can past the exam >_<)

Bye and Salam!
so tha

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