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Salam and hi all
it's been 2 week without a news, so today i will give you some update of what have we done so far.
For Legendary Hero, the episode 5 script now being translated by Bsmar, it will need more time because a problem with his gadget.
Then Fidia arleady start his recording activity for her character, Saif, Hanane, and Malik in episode 4, while episode 5 need to wait until Bsmar complete his translating.
And for myself, i've done create the Arabic Difender with its leader, there will be some version of the armor.
Like you see, this three person is the leader of Arabic Difender, and for the ordinary armor will appear later in the film. And also i start make some scene for the film
To The Sky!!
I know, this not much but i will try to make more thing later.
Okay, i think that's all for now.
See you later
bye and Salam.
Oh and i will have exam started tomorrow, so maybe there will no update for 2 weeks later

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