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Salam and hi all
for the umpteenth time i must say sorry again to all of you, i'm very lazy of updating in this blog. This July i'm use most of my time to sleep resting, to get together with family so i don't make much thing with our project. But still i drew something....
First is AMV - AMS BG is done

So in this month (august) i will animate AMV - Aku Memilih Setia, hopefully one month is enough. And for Legendary Hero, right now Furies is editing the storyscript and translate it to english (the real script is in Indonesia Language). And from now on until the end of year i will use most of time to just draw the resource for Legendary Hero, because something serious need more time to do, and i want to make Legendary Hero something awesome! Not just a simple flash animation, but something more complex and cool! So, i will start to animate in 2016, and i will create 2 episode! 
And i do something fun, drawing people faces!

This just three, i've done 11 thing like this. You can see it in my fb, go to all new staff page that will lead you know all of Diclim team and their jobs, also their sosmed too.
So, that's all for now. For August hope i can do something awesome.
Bye and Salam!

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