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Salam and hi!
First of all i want to say Ramadan Kareem! Yeah, for you muslim and muslim woman enjoy your fasting this year, and hope you will able to complete this year ramadhan (yeah sometime people can't complete their ramadhan for being lazy for some reason).
And i'm here not only for saying that (i know the post will be very short) so now let's go to my update news.
Now, i have done about 8 hairstyle that i show you 2 weeks ago. It has shaded but well i'm still new creating a hair, soo maybe it will look weird in someway
But i think this good enough (espesially for me :D).
Then, now i had a permission for 2 more clan in Stickpage for them to be used in Amia Series.

The two clan is : Burst Crusader from south cosimir lead by Aero the Sky King and Rebellion from east cosimir lead by Chaos Caster. Another clan will coming too, soo just wait another update (fufu).
The last is i work on AMV too, right now just do some background thing.
well maybe that's enough for now, i hope i can post more ofter here hehe.
bye and salam!

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