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Salam and hi....
aaah wait, one month without any news update!
SOOORRRYYY, i'm so sorry, i totally forgot about updating news.... but for "repay" or yeah something like that because not update in this month, here the complication of this month update!
First the Drawing
Yeah this month i can't make any progress in animation, i'm so busy and the most important i don't have any device (such laptop or computer) i can use for animating. But i'm able to create some drawing.
here it is...

Let's start with our main antagonis for current series, yeah he is Nerf. The man who watch Fidia's battle from distance. Maybe you arleady saw him in third episode, but this is the full consept of him. How is it? looks cool huh!

Next with AMV - Aku Memilih Setia

I will set AMV - AMS in Paris, a place around eiffel tower and in the tower it self. The first drawing i try to make a feel "in the top of tower with gusts of night wind" and the second it's about the garden around the tower, with the evening sky. Hope it will good hehe...

And a little consept for backgroud in Yogyakarta, Nusantara Kingdom. Wait, our problem right now is in Arabic Kingdom then why i must create BG with Indonesia theme? The answer is when DragonLord defeat the venomlord  he is in Yogyakarta, around Borobudur (Indonesia' Buddha Temple) ruin. So when Syafiq prepare to go to Arabic kingdom, he will shown walking in the yogyakarta street.

Then it's all i work in this month, i know this not much but i will do my best to work in our project, hope to that AMV - Aku Memilih Setia will release in near time. Oh and AMIA will have the 4th episode "The Meeting". Hehe so much plan this year.

Ok, bye and Salam!

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