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Salam and hi all
first before we start i want to share something with you

Marana, a rhg character created by AquanaKnight . She is Elang's first RHG opponent but i canceled (a month ago)  the battle because i can't complete it with a duedate and i can't let AK disturbed because my false. This is something i want to make from the first time i dedice to cancel the battle.
Well... from this drawing i've improve on drawing hair (yaaaay).
 Now let's we enter the main topic.
Amia now currently in the progress to go to episode 4, in episode 4 will be appear so many character and clan from StickPage. Because of that i need to make a permission from the character creator for using his/her RHG character. I need at least 10 clans, each clan will have 6 character so i need to ask permission for about 60 creator and that will take so much time. So be patient for release of episode 4. Right now i have a permission from 2 clan.
Pheonix Clan
Nemesis Clan
And another 2 clan is in progress of permission hope it will fast so i can go to another clan.

So that's all now, for Legendary Hero and AMV - AMS i will give the news as soon as the project have a progress.
bye and salam!

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