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Salam and hi
well, after last week i complete the RHG Battle, now i time to back to the main project. This week i and Fidia make some art for Legendary Hero.
Here what i drew last week
A Concept art of asian villager, and also....

Nusantara Defender! Yeah each kingdom have its cloth model, and this for male concept. Seems like Pencak Silat martial arts cloth but with some modification ofcourse.
And Fidia draw some concept for the twins Hanane and Malik
Just an art when she bored in class, don't take it to serious.
Then, because make legendary hero need so much time, with tons of art, dialouuge, and animation we can't release it fast. So i will create a short anims, about the daily life in Legendary Hero, maybe it will start at middle 2015, and for AMV AMS is in development, hopefuly we can finish it around july.
That's all..
see you and salam

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