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Salam and hi all
yeah sorry, i'm very lack updating this blog. But i tried to give you the recent news for what happened in our project and of course in Diclim itself.
So what new this week (I mean maybe last week)?

Yeah, my RHG battle with AngelRobot is done! Look this epic animation in here
This animation is my first RHG battle, and this tool more than 2 weeks! Yeah, animating effect, movement, and create background is not simple so that what i had.
And after one week it uploaded, it become "Popular content"!!!

Thanks for you, and all people who support me to always being better than ever.
And another news, Legendary Hero eps 4 project will be take from our artist, Fidia and Mythic Skill, they will create some character for Legendary Hero, and i need to write the story first. Then for AMV - Aku Memilih Setia, it will be my own curent priority to be animated I will try to finish it as fast as posible.
so, maybe that's enough for now
Bye and Salam!

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