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TSalam and Hi All

Today is 2 weeks after the eps 2 is release, so when is the eps 3 will out? Calm doooown... we have a lot of plans in our head. Every staff in last 2 week have their works. I have animation training and i make a Amia's short animation. Fidia make the new costum for nagham and make new char for the Last Rage. Mythic have problem with his computer, so he can't do anything for now ( Hope his computer will be healty again ). And Night start her own training to be animator! Hope she will be great animator!
Amia Short Anims
In the last 2 weeks i made a short Amia's Episode, need lot of time to make it because lazy come and come to me so i need to fight it. Here
This short episode will tell you about his journey to become member of FalconHead, will Elang accepted to be Falconhead's member?
To Eps 3
The episode three will be very insterting, with more character, more action, and more story. You will know who is behind the infected ghoul, and you will meet many heroes from all over the world of Legendary Hero!
The AMV is start again, Fidia will make Nagham new costum, this will need time because Legendary Hero episode 3 is our priorty but AMV will still be controled, so don't worry this new AMV will be incredible and awesome. Wait it Okay!
This week very incredible!!!
Bye and Salam!

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