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Salam and hi all
first of all i want to say Happy idd Fitri for all muslim in the world then i want to give you some news about what i am doing right now.
Right now i working in several part of the episode, it took over 3 hours to do just 3 second animation!

Rina cast a fire Facis to... emmm secreet XD
i don't know how, maybe i don't have a mood right now to animationg T_T, but i will continue animating, so the episode will come as fast as possible.
I also have complete the controversion between Nashrul and Syafiq in hospital, why in hospital? because Nashrul is fainted after his battle in first episode, what are they talking about? WATCH ON THE EPISODE SOOON!

Okay that's all for now, enjoy your day and stay tuned for the next update ;)
Bye and Salam!

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