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Assalamualaikum and hi all

I have been too busy with "Three" animatation adaptation and also my life as collage student, it's not easy to find spot for animate while doing my homework, so yeah i'm tired but it's fun!

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"Three" is going well a little well or yeah.... so much thing to do in the animation since i try to make the content as original as possible but after all there still some asset i took from my other animation. I also ask my friend to make an art for three, featuring the main character Elsa, Rapunzel, and Moana.

As you can see the art became theme for the website because this animation will be very long, more than 10 minutes. But for lots of reason the final version will have some different from my first plan and the main reason is the duedate is 18 December and it is less than 2 weeks. I will do my best to complete it and still in the best shape XD.

Many of the animation part is convesation between the character but there will be some point where the princesses will fight with the enemy, but there will no one died in the animation because i want to keep the image of princess who nice and never do violent to everyone.
Last November becoming my busiest month and it's still going until the animation finished and for now it's still just reach about 60%? Idk that's a rough count but i hope everything will be fast and my collage still doing well..
After "three" is done perhaps i can do some animation for Legendary Hero...

And for the last, our Youtube continue to grown and now reach 400 Subscriber, yeeey!

That's all for now, i will give you the recent news as fast as possible

Bye and Wassalamualaikum!

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