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Assalamualaikum and hi all

I'll just start with a great news. "Three" animated short is done! It's completed 2 days ago at 22th December. For past 2 month i have do my best to animate this between my collage and my rest time and in the end i able to make 27 minutes of stick drama, a mashup between Frozen, Tangled, And Moana. It is really awesome experience for such animate within deadline, but for a while i'm trying to avoid it, it is sooooo exhausting! (It is because i work alone maybe).

For now here some art of Three that appeared in the credit (has uploaded on our facebook page too)

The animation itself need to wait before released since it is animated for a competition. If it not winning anything i can upload it to youtube as soon as after the judge is released but if it win something it need to be wait 2 days after released on Official Stickpage youtube channel. I hope you can understand .

Now i'm trying to animate again and this time i will animate a little piece for Legendary Hero's next episode. The voice over itself not yet completed but i WILL animate some scene that have all thing that required. And this little piece is expected to finish in a couple days (hopefully). I also will make a teaser of animation i collab with ISAC's member. The other thing is i want to make a new section in this blog for "other work" thing like Boboiboy and this animation also for AMIA, but it will take sometime.

That's all for now
See you later

Bye and Salam!

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