Back Story

5 years ago, the world covered by Darkness. ShadowGrave has accumulated 8th orb; Fire, Water, Wind, Electric, Ice, Ground, Light, and Darkness. With his power and strength into 8 orb, Incasor, ShadowGrave leaders unite into 8 orb Orb be Ultimate Orb and that power to enter into himself, and then he turned into a Black Dragon, and began to cover the world in Darkness.

Many people have tried to attack the dragon, but all failed. Then comes the Dragonlord and a GriffinLord, they both try to beat the Black Dragon, with their partner, and the sword of legend that they wear, they succeeded beat Incasor, and they got the title Legendary Hero.

World was back in balance, into 8 orb back into their places. In order to maintain The balance, Legendary Hero making a deal with all 8 Avatar element,
that is a peace agreement.

Chapter 1: The DArkness


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