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Assalamualaikum and hi all!

It's been a month since my last post here, sorry not give you any news about what happened. To be honest there nothing much progress in the animation. Too many real life things need to be a priority, especially after i get important position inside animation community in my university and also a preparation for photography exhibition.

One took my time the most is making for middle semester exam, a stop motion animation created by pencil and paper. Even after years creating animation frame by frame, using paper is so much different. Currently it's just finished 360 frames, which mean if i set the fps to 12 then i only finish 30 second right now. >.> Every single pose even when the object is stand still need to redraw, and for me who arleady using digital so much feels annoyed. Here, take a look for the animation.

The other progress i done is with AMV - Silver Memory, for this one too is very slow progress. First time make everything frame by frame is really a chalange for me, also when the software i use (ToonBoom) is still a stranger thing for me, so i need to learn both animate frame by frame and the software. But in the meantime, here take a look with the progress so far.

That's all for now.... i hope in the next few weeks i can make some good progress especially for legendary hero.

Bye and wassalamualaikum!

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