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Assalamualaikum and hi all!

In this month is been a rough time for me. Too much things need to be done, from daily life, collage, and especially Diclim Entertainment. There is not much thing related to our project i can done and for that i gonna say sorry.

Okey enough for the pessimist thing, even tho this month not much is happened but there is lot of good things happened in RL, i get oppurtunity to meet important person in creative industry especially in animation and gain knowledge from them and i hope that will useful for the future of Diclim's project.

The other great thing that happened this month is Diclim's youtube channel has gain 1000 subscriber! and for that i made a special 1000 subscriber video! Click here to watch!

The video contain a compilation all the animation i made back from 2013 when i'm still nothing and don't have anything, complete with the month and year of each animation release! And it's also arranged sequentially so you can watch the evolution of my animation quality trought the visual context ( from the story, etc, context you must watch every single one lel >D ).

And For the progress we made this month is:
First i started make Lipsync animation in several scene of episode 4 and 5 from Legendary Hero and also my friend who helped me with AMV #4's background also began to complete their job. Also i've tried to construct severan scene of legendary hero that will pretty took some times to done. Then Fidia is complete the france part of Legendary Hero dialouge and will send the file to me soon.

Well that's all for now, once again i asked for apologize not be able to make lot of progress in this month. But i hope you still want to bear with us, perhaps this month we can make something good ^^\

Bye and Wassalamualaikum!

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