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Assalmualaikum and hi all!

It's me again after 2 weeks hiatus from writing, hehe sorry i really need to fix my Social issues in internet. For me it's just strange to active in forum or something like it because we don't meet with each other but i need to fix it and start socialize with other people online, espescially because i leading a small community online so i need to open my network beyond my ussual.

Okey now for the progress in the past 2 weeks i really focusing myself to animate the competition animation. In my opinion  i feel get some improve from my last main animation "three" which i started playing more camera movement and make a right conversation between character.

And with animating "Ice Dragon Nest" i feel more fun in animating and being able to make such a complex movement for me to done in the past also some kind of elemental effect such fire or smoke. Everything seems better than before and i really glad to create this animation

And for now i need to complete the last scene of the animation and hope for the best >D hehe, i only have 3 days to complete it before the competition is closed.

Then about other project, "Three" voice over is nearly complete! Most of the dialouge arleady recorded and only some unimportant character need to be recorded and i think the animation will ready this month!
For Legendary Hero, I will finish the voice for leader meeting shot, and Fidia hopefuly will able to complete all of her part in july (after she finishing her exam >.<). So if everything goes well then that scene can be animate this month after i complete the last scene of  "Ice Dragon Nest".
And the for AMV, i get some help from my friend to make the background of the animation. They are people is competent with art so don't worry ;) And i really hope to be able work with more people in the future.
If you asking about AMIA, i will tell it later when there is something to tell about.

That's all for now

bye and Wassalamualaikum

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