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Assalamalaikum and hi all

This post is just a quick note of what happens now with the project. To be honest, there is only a small progress i have done in a whole january, too much art block is happened and after it is gone collage task is become harder so i need to finish it first but perhaps in few weeks ahead there will be a free time for me so let's hope i can do it haha.

The last thing is the greatest news for now, "Three" animated short will be released few weeks ahead with voice actor!!! Yeah i do a collab with my collage friend to do voice acting and hopefuly everything will going well also Fidia herself said will complete her voice part in Legendary Hero after exam (this month).

VERY last thing, i really want to make the trailer in few days ahead! So stay tuned for the next update!

So that's all for a while

Bye and Wassalamualaikum!

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