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Assalamualaikum and hi all

It's been three weeks since my last update and i'm so sorry for that, actually since a week ago i want to write this post but somehow my fingers don't want to it (<- Reason).

So everything is going in a good way, Fidia is completing the AMV costume consept also she starting to recording her part for episode 4 & 5 of Legendaty Hero (Hopefully, she's a really busy girl), and i accepted in Telkom University in Bandung, even yeah boboiboy parody is postponed for 3 weeks, but i when i type this post i'm still continue animating on it, give me a few more day and will do my best to complete it and then we continue with AMIA eps 5 yeah!

Aquana Knight, creator of Marana (Elang's opponent) will animate a different version of Elang vs Marana. Will getting more news soon enough.

okay that's enough for now
see you later
bye and wassalamualaikum!

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