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Salam and hi all

Alhamdulillah, the best word to represent my fell right now. The other episode of AMIA is finally complete. Some new character and many new art is just making the episode harder and harder, but that what make every episode look better than before.
And here it is i present you

Eps 4 : Condition
This episode uploaded along with eps 3 : Elang vs Sky

Eps 3 : Elang vs Sky
"Days after Elang's first battle, in central city the Elders gathered inside The Rock Tower. Something big is coming from every direction, what it will be?"

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For the next two weeks i will work a collab with my fellow animator from ISAC ( Indonesia Stickfigure Animator Community ), then in July i will start the progression for eps 5.

That's all for now
Bye and Salam!

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