Amia Special : Three

Watch Elsa, Moana, and Rapunzel alltogether in this stickman animation parody!

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Everything going well

Salam and hi!
First of all i want to say Ramadan Kareem! Yeah, for you muslim and muslim woman enjoy your fasting this year, and hope you will able to complete this year ramadhan (yeah sometime people can't complete their ramadhan for being lazy for some reason).
And i'm here not only for saying that (i know the post will be very short) so now let's go to my update news.
Now, i have done about 8 hairstyle that i show you 2 weeks ago. It has shaded but well i'm still new creating a hair, soo maybe it will look weird in someway
But i think this good enough (espesially for me :D).
Then, now i had a permission for 2 more clan in Stickpage for them to be used in Amia Series.

The two clan is : Burst Crusader from south cosimir lead by Aero the Sky King and Rebellion from east cosimir lead by Chaos Caster. Another clan will coming too, soo just wait another update (fufu).
The last is i work on AMV too, right now just do some background thing.
well maybe that's enough for now, i hope i can post more ofter here hehe.
bye and salam!

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Just an Art

Salam and hi all
Last month i just update once and now i've done something too.
I'm very lack of updating this blog, sorry i'm busy last month prepare for my exam right now, like last semester, 27 lesson 10 days it's so frustasing! But in the middle of this bustle I and the other can still able to make some things. Here it is

First is in last 2 days i create some hairstyle for Legendary Hero

still has not given a shadow, but i'll do later (Hey i'm in the middle of exam!) And later i have plan to edit the face so we will have so many model of NPC especially the townsfolk.
Second Mythic Skillz create the consept for one of Five Knight, Bhielz!
He is knight who able to control light knight aura even in titanic size! He is very skilled in dual sword and of course he is strong hehe.
Then next news is for Amia i've colored 2 pose of Nagham's AMS Costum, and now it's more suitable to view..
Wait where is her hand!
She will more looks like herself when reposition not other people. Yeah in past 2 month i learning moer about face; The shape how it when reposition and the emotion how it to be drawing.
And the last is Fidia arleady create the final version of The twins Hanane and Malik.

She have done a beautifull work, yeah for Malik you can see his apperance with the color and for Hanane here my explaination, She wear a light purple Hijab, a dark purple dress with yellow strip,  a light blue long pants and a black boot. She will beautifull when i have done the colored version hehe
And The last news is Zeedanz is writing a script for our short movie , we will join an animation competition in Jakarta, hope everything will going well and we able to win the competition!
That's all for now.
Bye and Salam!