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Salam and hi all ^_^
Sorry for all my false, the movie release will pending for a days, but i have another idea. Here it is, the side story of Legendary Hero

This story will tell you the elang's pass. The event before the black dragon incident. When he still 17 years old, his homeland attacked by unknown force. His parent died because that attack, the only remained family he has is his twin sister.
Later, after he arrive in the east of Fluid nation he go outside the city and get relax after the journey. Suddenly the black robe man appear behind him and chalange Elang into a duel with other Seven Starts (the force who attack elang homeland) and left elang with a "gift", other word zombie force. Then Elang prepare his dual blade ( Dsoul Heart ) and battle the zombie force.
goto http://forums.stickpage.com/showthread.php?79060-AMIA-The-Story-of-Elang-eps-1 to watch the movie.

And Legendary Hero ?
I just start my work on the third scene, hope this will done very fast. this is some preview.

The desert with palm tree.... This isn't done yet (you must know that). And i will finsih the ghoul later this night. So maybe Legendary Hero's release will be pending until early january, sorry all.

Bye  and Salam!

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