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Salam and hi all
This is very fun, animating for the second episode of our animated film!
The Hero will start the hunt
    The power of the black dragon is spread over the world, the first fragment It has been found by dragonlord. Now the new rumors have spread, saying that there are fragment power of the black dragon in a desert. Fidia take a chance to find the fragment, but not only her who want have the fragment. The Force of Evil want to reclaime their power, and with the fragment of the black dragon their power will increased.  
   Which force will be first find all the fragment? The Force of Order or The Force of Evil?
 New Staff
Now we are in second scene for the movie, and we have new partner who will help team make the movie resource. Call her Night Angel, she will help team make beast of monster, and for now she will make ghoul who will fight Fidia the Desader.

That's all for now, you'll look the new update very soon
bye and Salam!

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